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CasinoColada was born with the vision of creating one of the most comprehensive and cutting-edge casino sites in the world. Our key features are 1. Huge database of information, 2. Lightning-fast site speed, 3. Easy navigation and interactivity and 4. Correct and reliable information.

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We have a great team of experts that is expanding constantly.

Casino Colada


Carefully developed by top-tier mixologists, Casino Colada shakes the iGaming world in search of the perfect casino cocktail. Fully understanding that great ingredients make delicious recipes, our staff goes above and beyond in analyzing every single casino in great detail, so that you know what's on the menu. The Colada Seal of Approval will be your guide in the hottest casino bar in town, where our world-famous Martinis are served shaken...not stirred!

Alex Matt


Alex Matt is our Eye in the Sky - besides the obvious Casino reference, this cool dude has eyes on the market and ears everywhere. His spider senses tingle whenever a platform gets a new license. With a love for casinos, cocktails and crazy-good SEO, this cocky son of a gun would love to thank the competition for always being two steps behind.

Having been a part of the iGaming Industry for close to 7 years now, Rona DesDemona says no to incomplete casino reviews! She has taken it upon herself to fully investigate and analyze each and every casino on the market - Folks, this is no joke! Casinos tremble in fear of her mighty pen!

If Content Management would be some form of martial arts, this young artist would be on his way to his second black belt. He will tell you what's wrong with your page before you even start putting it together - so if your casino review is not up to code, you will feel his mighty Karate Chop!

Polly, aka CreativeCrayons, absolutely hates inaccuracies so as soon as her fierce fingers touch the keyboard somebody out there starts panicking! With a ton of experience and a style to snipe out any wrongs, you will quickly discover she is always Wright!

Annie does not shy away from any challenge - a complex casino investigation or a pen-tastic review - She has one Casino Colada Seal of Approval for any occasion. Of course, if your brand passes her draconic audit, that is .. but lets hope for the best 'cus you don't wanna see her angry! You wouldn't like her when she's angry!

With more creative ideas than thoughts in your head, our in-house Da Vinci takes graphics to a whole new level. Indeed folks, Adobe holds no secrets for our resident artist. The famous saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true!

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Victor the Vector

Content Master

Part man, part machine, but mostly machine, Victor the Vector came to us from the future to fix what needs fixing today. With a focus that's impossible to break, he will make sure that WordPress speaks his language - which we believe to be binary. That's right folks, we have robots on our side!

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Gambling could be a lot of fun in many ways. It is a well-known fact that for the majority of adults, gambling can is a great form of fun and entertainment experience. Yet for some folks, there are some risks involved and we would like to warn them about them. We urge players to get to know and understand the risk of gambling, preferably before playing.