Published: 2023/12/12

Updated: 2023/12/12

Author: Alex Matt

Avalanche’s Unexpected Surge

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While the broader cryptocurrency market experienced a decline, Avalanche (AVAX) emerged as a notable exception, boasting an impressive 79% weekly gain. Analysts are attributing AVAX’s outperformance to a combination of factors, including recent partnership announcements, increased trading volumes, and a surge in total value locked (TVL). The cryptocurrency’s resilience stands out against the backdrop of a 6% decline in Bitcoin (BTC) and a 6.8% drop in Ether (ETH) on December 11.


CasinoColada – Strategic Partnerships and Real-World Asset Tokenization

Ryan Mcmillin, Chief Investment Officer at Merkle Tree Capital, highlights the excitement surrounding AVAX, emphasizing recent partnerships with financial heavyweights JPMorgan and Citi. These collaborations are integral to the Avalanche Foundation’s initiatives in real-world asset tokenization. The strategic involvement of traditional financial institutions is seen as a catalyst for the surge in AVAX’s value.

Mcmillin notes, “More recently, the strength of AVAX looks to be associated with a spike in daily transactions from around $200,000 to $4.5 million over the last couple of days. Daily active addresses have also seen a solid trend to the upside.” This surge in activity underscores growing interest and engagement within the Avalanche network.


CasinoColada – Surge in Total Value Locked (TVL) and Trading Volume

DefiLlama data reveals that the Avalanche network’s TVL has witnessed an impressive 82% growth, soaring from $490 million to $894 million in the past three months since September 12. Simultaneously, AVAX token trading volume experienced a staggering 2,436% surge during the same period. These metrics underscore the network’s increasing adoption and utilization, further contributing to AVAX’s remarkable performance.

Henrik Andersson, Chief Investment Officer at Apollo Crypto, suggests that AVAX’s recent undervaluation by wider market standards has played a pivotal role in its surge. He notes, “A few weeks ago, Avalanche had more TVL than, for example, Solana with a quarter of the market cap. TVL is still higher, but the market cap is now half that of Solana.” This suggests a reevaluation of AVAX’s worth relative to its market peers.

Andersson envisions a potential shift in market dynamics, stating, “We do believe we will enter a market in 2024 where some of the altcoins will perform better than Bitcoin.” He cites Immutable (IMX) and Synthetix (SNX) as examples of tokens that have outperformed Bitcoin since 2022.


CasinoColada – Altcoin Inflows Amidst Major Market Corrections

CoinShares Head of Research James Butterfill, in a December 11 crypto fund flows report, highlighted the contrasting fortunes of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether with those of Solana and Avalanche. While Bitcoin and Ether suffered steep price declines, Solana and Avalanche attracted inflows of $3 million and $2 million, respectively. These altcoins, Butterfill noted, remained “firm favorites” in the altcoin sector.

As the cryptocurrency market undergoes shifts in valuation metrics and strategic partnerships continue to influence individual tokens, Avalanche stands as a notable example of resilience and undervaluation potential amidst a broader market correction. Investors and analysts will be keenly observing how these dynamics evolve in the coming weeks.

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The Author

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