Published: 2023/04/12

Updated: 2023/04/12

Author: Alex Matt

How Does Asian Handicap Work in Sportsbetting?

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Asian Handicap

Do you have experience with Asian handicap? No? Don’t worry; we’ve written this in-depth article to help you understand everything if you enjoy sports betting but have never placed a wager on an Asian handicap. Asian handicap betting is a well-liked style of sports betting that was first popularized in Asia and has since spread to other continents. By giving one team an advantage or disadvantage in terms of goals, points, or runs, it is a type of handicap betting that evens the playing field between two teams. This article will examine how Asian handicap betting functions in the world of sports wagering.

Asian HandicapAsian handicap betting has a straightforward theory behind it. You can wager on the margin of victory for one team or another instead of just the overall winner of a game or event. The handicap is set up with the favorite team starting with a handicap and the underdog receiving a handicap in order to balance the odds of the two teams winning the game.

Consider the English Premier League matchup between Manchester United and Arsenal as an example. Due to Manchester United’s strong odds of winning, the bookmaker may assign Arsenal a handicap of +1.5 goals. This means that in order for your wager on Arsenal to win with a +1.5 goal handicap to be successful, they must either win the game by an absolute margin of victory or lose by no more than one goal.

The match must be won by two goals or more for your wager on Manchester United to win with a -1.5 goal handicap to be successful. Your wager will be a push and you will get your money back if Manchester United prevails by just one goal.

The use of Asian handicaps for betting has a number of benefits. First off, it can aid in lowering the likelihood of losing a wager. If there are three possible outcomes when you place a traditional bet on the result of a game, your chances of winning are only 33%. (win, lose, draw). By placing a wager on one team’s or the other’s winning margin, you can raise your chances of success when using Asian handicaps.

Additionally, Asian handicaps provide better odds than conventional handicaps. This is due to the fact that they provide more betting options and that the odds are changed to reflect the likelihood of each possible result. For instance, the handicap might be set at -2.5 goals if Manchester United is heavily favored to win the game. This would provide much better odds for betting on the underdog than a conventional handicap.

The fact that Asian handicaps provide more betting options is another benefit of them. You can wager on the margin of victory for either team or select to completely eliminate the draw by placing a wager on the half-goal handicap.

Understanding the various kinds of handicaps that are available is one of the keys to success with Asian handicap betting. The whole goal, half goal, and quarter goal handicaps are the three most popular types of handicaps.

The most basic Asian handicap is the whole goal handicap. There are no half goals or quarter goals involved, and it is set at a whole number, like -1 or +2.

Compared to the full goal handicap, the half-goal handicap is more complicated. It involves increasing the handicap by one-half goal in order to remove the chance of a push. There cannot be a push, for instance, if the handicap is set at -1.5 because there are no half goals in soccer. For your wager to be successful, the favorite team must triumph by a score of two or more.

The most challenging Asian handicap is the quarter-goal handicap. It entails dividing the handicap into two separate wagers, with half of the wager going to one team and the other. For instance, if the handicap is set at -1.25, then -1 and -1.5 will each receive half of the wager.

In conclusion, Asian handicap betting is a well-liked sport betting style that has a number of benefits over conventional handicaps.

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