Published: 2023/07/28

Updated: 2023/07/28

Author: Alex Matt

Las Vegas Sands Surpasses Expectations with Q2 Revenue of $2.54bn

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Las Vegas Sands Revenue

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) has reported impressive Q2 results, with revenues surpassing analyst estimates, and has reiterated plans to focus future digital expansion in highly regulated markets.


Revenue Surges by 144% YoY

The casino operator’s revenue significantly increased by 144% year-over-year, reaching $2.54 billion in Q2 2023, a figure that comfortably surpassed analyst estimates of $2.39 billion. Consolidated adjusted property EBITDA also saw substantial growth, hitting $973 million, marking a 366% increase from the $209 million reported in Q2 2022.

The company’s operating income for the quarter was $537 million, a stark contrast to the operating loss of $147 million in Q2 2022. Net income from continuing operations reached $368 million, showing a significant recovery from a net loss of $414 million in Q2 2022.


Robust Financial Results Across Markets

LVS reported robust financial results, with Marina Bay Sands in Singapore generating $925 million in net revenue, outperforming its individual Macau properties. Collectively, the Macau properties brought in approximately $1.62 billion in net revenue, a substantial increase from the $368 million reported in the same period last year.

The strong performance in Macau is attributed to the end of China’s zero tolerance Covid policy, resulting in a rebound in tourism from mainland China to Macau. During the quarter, Macau received 6.7 million visitors, representing about 68% of visitations recorded in Q2 2019, which was the last comparable quarter before the pandemic.

Company’s Future Growth and Digital Strategy

LVS CEO, Rob Goldstein, expressed confidence in the company’s growth prospects, citing its substantial scale and $15 billion of investment. He expects the company’s diverse offerings across gaming and non-gaming segments to yield significant benefits as gross gaming revenues increase due to higher visitation.

Responding to an inquiry about LVS’s digital strategy, Patrick Dumont, LVS president and COO, stated that the company plans to invest in ground-up digital activities. He added that the focus would be on highly regulated markets, such as Europe and North America, maintaining regulatory standards in the best possible way.

Shares and Outlook

Despite the strong quarterly results, LVS shares dropped 4% during post-market trading. However, the company’s performance over the past six months has been positive, with shares showing a significant gain of 9.3%.

In a promising move for shareholders, LVS reinstated its quarterly dividend at $0.20 per common share, reflecting the company’s confidence in its financial standing and long-term growth prospects. Currently, Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is trading at $58.08 (1.27%).

Strong Performance in Asian Market

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and properties in Macau proved to be significant revenue drivers for LVS. Marina Bay Sands generated $925 million in net revenue, outperforming individual Macau properties. However, the Macau properties collectively generated an impressive $1.62 billion in net revenue, reflecting a considerable increase from $368 million in Q2 2022. This growth has been attributed to the easing of China’s Covid restrictions, prompting a tourism rebound from the mainland to Macau.

Strategic Focus on Mass Gaming and Non-Gaming Segments

The company highlighted a shift in its business mix towards more profitable areas. Grant Churn, EVP of Asia Operations and COO of Sands China, pointed out a greater proportion of mass gaming relative to VIP gaming in the company’s revenue generation. This quarter saw 87% of the GGR come from mass gaming, up from 71% in Q2 of 2019. The contribution of non-gaming revenue to the company’s revenues also increased, reaching 22% in the current quarter from 17% in 2019.

Digital Strategy in Highly Regulated Markets

Answering a question from Daniel Politzer of Wells Fargo regarding LVS’s digital strategy, LVS president and COO Patrick Dumont reassured that any future digital division launch will be limited to highly regulated markets. The company has plans to invest in ground-up digital activities, focusing on Europe and North America, adhering to the highest regulatory standards.

Post-Report Market Reaction and Future Outlook

Despite the upbeat earnings report, the company witnessed a 4% decline in shares during post-market trading. This is expected to be a temporary fluctuation as the overall performance over the last six months reflects a 9.3% gain in share price.

Looking ahead, LVS reinstated its quarterly dividend at $0.20 per common share, reflecting a strong financial standing and confidence in future growth prospects. The company’s diversification into mass gaming and non-gaming segments, combined with a strong presence in Asian markets and a strategic focus on digital expansion, are seen as positive indicators of long-term growth.

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