Published: 2022/03/10

Updated: 2022/03/30

Author: Casino Colada

Obsidium is the Top Gainer of the day on CoinMarketCap

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Obsidium and CoinMarketCap

Starting strong on the CoinMarketCap real-time charts of the Top Crypto Gainers in the world, Obsidium has achieved its biggest ranking this January 2022 by holding the highest place of №1 Top Crypto Gainer throughout all day! Statistics from January 24th show the skyrocketing-spike of Obsidium of over 2686.42% in less than 24-hours, followed by other ecosystems Exohood and En-Tan-Mo.

Obsidium has been known in the crypto space as one of the best cross-chain ecosystems using layer-2 solutions in the past couple of months, raising its place amongst the top gainers of cryptocurrencies. It’s used to fuel the crypto space with NFTs, AMM, DeFi, cryptos, and digital assets, allowing the initialization of OBS Tokens.

The Obsidium Ecosystem has many benefits and values that it stands up for, including extremely low fees of 1/10 of a cent, offering processes with infinite scalability, and instant, sub-second confirmation times.

Earlier on November 27th, 2021, Obsidium announced launching an eco-based system of OBS tokens used to use for creating and trading assets and NFTs on the Metaverse. This was just a step of the bigger plan of Obsidium’s team to further grow, expand, and develop the OBS and the metaverse ecosystems.

Despite the crypto market crash experienced in January 2022 and over the past few months, today Monday 24th we witness some raises in prices. Despite Binance Coin, the world’s third-largest crypto going down by 7.50% and reaching an estimated amount of $2,845,663,962, today’s top crypto gainer Obsidium raised by 2686.42 percent at $0.5794 market price. Whether Obsidium will keep being a top runner and skyrocket we are about to find out. But in the meantime, Obsidium can be used to stock, trade, purchase with its smooth ecosystem BNB Tokens!

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